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I got clean from cancer, but my skin took turn for worse!

“Getting diagnosed with cancer is a life changing moment. In the beginning it’s all panic and an array of feelings and fears going through your mind. But then after a while it sinks in. I had to accept the simple fact that I was going to fight in order to survive.”, Jerrel Houtsnee, musical performer. We asked Jerrel to share his personal story with us as our special guest blogger.

“Fast forward 5 years later: I am officially clean! The first year I had to go through an intensive period of chemotherapy: 8 sessions over a span of just 6 months. But I’ve made it! Completely healed and I can look forward to live again. But for 5 years I actually spend my life inside HELL!!”

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For those who aren’t familiar with chemotherapy:  during the process of destroying the cancer cells, the treatment doesn’t differentiate between healthy cells and sick cells. It just destroys everything in its path while the side effects differ per person. In general we are already known with hair loss, weight loss, a pale skin etc.

In my case, it destroyed my immune system for a large part. And this had a serious impact on my skin. Just to name a few things: I became highly allergic for anything that contained perfume. Food seasoning, detergents, cleaning products, shampoos, soaps and skin care products. You don’t realize there is perfume added in everything until you choke up every time it gets into your system.

My skin became a living nightmare. I developed an extreme form of eczema. My skin dehydrated completely as a result seeing skin flakes falling right in front of your eyes. It was itching all over my body and I often woke up at night from my own scratching. Not sure if u ever felt the skin of an elephant… well, mine felt pretty much the same.

You can see how dried out my skin was.
This was my skin before using Abloom.

Walking in and out of dermatologists for 5 years

I was visiting my dermatologist every week for 5 years straight. He tried pretty much every available product out there. I was paying from 30 Euro’s up to 250 Euro’s per brand. I didn’t care about the price. I just wanted to get rid of the itch. Just to sleep normally again or go to a movie without looking like a crack addict scratching every part of my bod.

The dermatologist was my only way out. I’m an actor for a living. I stand on stage pretty much 6 days a week for months on while a musical is being performed. The eczema destroyed every fun and passion I have for acting. This is what an average evening would look like for me:

Putting on as much as facial cream as possible to last for 30 minutes on stage…

…getting through the hi’s, the hey’s, the how are you’s without risking my face bumping into someone else’s face because you don’t want to be rude and don’t kiss while saying hi…

…running back-stage every 30 minutes to splash water on my face, because it was so dehydrated…

…feeling an allergy attack coming up again after a few acts…

…after the show, running to home all so I could shower and scratch again…

…roll up in bed and try to get through the night…

…6 days a week.                                                                                               

Then there was this insecurity. Are people looking at the dry spots on my face? Is the itching and scratching bothering people in the restaurant?

I avoided going out as much as possible. I couldn’t enjoy a night out. Try going through dinner or just sitting in a bar scratching all the time, the risk of meeting people and having to kiss them hi…

…It’s literally impossible…

So I just stayed home. At least at home I had to worry less about the people around me. I could just be me.

“After 5 years, even my dermatologist gave up. He just didn’t know any other solutions that could work.”

Jerrel Houtsnee, Musical Actor

First time trying Abloom was with the Miracle Oil

After 5 years of trying everything out there, I was done and exhausted. I just had to accept reality. This would be me for the rest of my life.

Until one evening when a friend came to visit. Sitting at the table he saw me scratching all the time. He saw the dry and rough skin. He was pretty shocked. So I told him the whole story.

He then suggested Abloom. Told me how it was completely natural and even edible. Most of all it had no added perfume. The fact that it was 100% natural was reason enough to try it out. At that point, I couldn’t tolerate anything chemical or with added perfume anyways. And I had tried everything else already, so what was the worse that could happen right?

I started with the Miracle Oil. Funny enough, my skin reacted pretty neutral. There were no side effects when I used the oil… so that was promising.

After about a week I started noticing results. My skin felt less dehydrated and softer. I was completely in awe. After 5 years… this happened… Could it really be true?

So during the day I would put on the oil all over my body for about 5-6 times a day. Every session gave me a few hours of peace. No scratching, no itching and a more calm skin.


My skin had a glow again. It was hydrated. I started to get compliments at work. People looking at me in the dressing room and started to get curious: ”Jerrel, you’re not scratching anymore??”

De foto links is 4 weken na het eerste gebruik op vakantie in Italië.

Also with the Oil I started using the Day Cream and the Universal Mask as well. And after about 6 weeks I actually didn’t have to put on the products so much during the day. I just stuck to twice a day and whenever I had a flare up, I would just put on some more.

My skin and I could breathe again                                                                     

This sounds cliché. I know! But to find something that works after 5 years of hell… you have no idea what it means for someone like me. I could go out again. I could enjoy my work on stage. I felt more confident again.

Simply said… I had my LIFE back!

And I have nobody else to thank but Odelia Green and Abloom.

“Even my dermatologist was surprised to see my skin healed and glowing after 5 years. Flabbergasted!”

Jerrel Houtsnee, Musical Actor

I now stick to a natural-based lifestyle

Fast forward to 2018…

I’m still using the products every day with a pretty normal routine. My skin healed completely and I have none of the issues from the past.

Using Abloom with its natural approach made me move more towards a organic lifestyle. So I infused the 100% natural thinking in my food, my cleaning products… pretty much every aspect of my lifestyle.

Looking back, it all makes sense. My skin had to heal from chemo. It was pretty much destroyed completely. But instead of feeding it the right nutrients, I just added more chemicals which made things took a turn for worse.

We’re so used to the idea that these typical brands are good for us, but we forget the basics. A healthy body, a healthy skin: it all comes to down to eating and living healthy.

It’s funny how we moved away from the healthy lifestyle.

But 1 thing is for sure.

I have my life back. I can sing, I can act, I can dance, I can socialize again. I can pretty much live a normal life.

And I recommend Abloom to everyone out there with skin problems.

Stop using those chemical brands. Seriously, they only make things worse.

A big thanks to Odelia Green.

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