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Loving skincare to heal your skin problems.
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Loving skincare
to heal your skin problems.

We believe that a beautiful and healthy skin should be made possible for everyone. This is why you will only find 100% natural and organic skincare products that tackle your skin problems in a loving and effective way.

All ingredients are foodgrade-based including nuts, seeds, plants, herbs, fruits & vegetables. All ingredients are 100% healthy & eatable.

100% handmade. It takes three months to go from first ingredient to finished product. This guarantees only the best quality for you.

All ingredients are cultivated on soil free from pesticides for at least three years. All packaging is 100% durable and environmental-friendly.

We have the right product for every skin problem.

Every problem skin benefits from a kind and loving skincare that feeds it. The Product Navigator helps you find the right products for your skin. Select your skin problem and explore the right products:

Aloe VeraSoftening and hydrating for the skin. Works well in countering acne, eczema & rosacea. Provides first aid with sunburn. Acts as a painkiller and provides first aid to aging spots and a dry scalp.
Shea ButterWorks well with a dry scalp. Contains Vitamin A & E, has a light UV factor and acts well with aging. It helps to stimulate the creation of new cells.
LecitineHelps in hydrating the skin and to improve the dehydrated skin.
Jojoba OilThis is a natural anti-oxidant with Vitamine E and healthy fatty acids. It has an anti-inflammatory function and works well countering eczema, psoriasis and acne.
Borage Seed Oil / Bernagie olieContains gamma-linoleen-acid (GLA/Vitamine F). Protects against UV-radiation, stimulates the blood flow and cell renewal, recovers the hydration levels and counters wrinkle-development.
Sacha Inchi OilHelps strengthening the connective tissue of the skin and keeps the skin elastic. Works well with Acne and limits scarring.
Grapefruit Seed Extract/grapefruitWorks anti-inflammatory and is anti-bacterial. It’s a natural preservative.
Tocopherols mixedGood source of Vitamin E & helps to stimulate cell renewal and skin recovery. Prevents collagen breaking down and stimulates collagen production. Works well with Acne, Eczema and pigmentation spots.
Buriti OilThe high beta-caroteen levels have a cell-renewing quality and protect against UV-radiation.
Sint JanskruidStimulates the blood circulation, has a disinfecting and recovery function.
Orange Flower AbsoluteEssential oils extracted from orange peels that have an anti-aging and a disinfecting function. Used in ancient practices in relaxing therapy.
Frankincense CO2Has powerful contracting qualities and helps to protect skin cells. It helps countering Acne, pigmentation spots and large pores. It also helps to prevent wrinkles and delays the aging signs
Tapioca StarchThis is starch generated from the manioc root. It calms and hydrates the skin.
Xanthaan GumThis hydrates and improves the overall skin condition.
BergamotThis hydrates and improves the overall skin condition.
Jasmine Absolute (Sambac)/arabische jasmijn)Stimulates the blood flow and increases the flow of oxygen to the skin. It’s also an anti-oxidant countering the aging process.
Sea Buckthorn / duindoornThis is oil extracted from the peel of the citrus bergamia which has an anti-inflammatory function. It reduces scarring and reduces skin-irritation.
TuingoudsbloemDisinfecting and anti-inflammatory. Heals wounds and is very soft for the sensitive and irritated skin.
Chamomille Flower (Roman)This is an extract of the Chamomilla flower. It’s disinfecting, anti-bacterial, wound healing and prevents itching. Works well with the dry, chapped skin and with the sunburned skin.
HeermoesWound healing and strengthens the connectivity tissue. Works well in countering stretch marks.
Klein HoefbladWound healing and anti-inflammatory.
Gotu ColaFaster recovery of wounds, recovers the skin elasticity, is anti-inflammatory and works well in countering cellulite and eczema. It also reduces scarring.

Musicalstar Jerrel Houtsnee:
“I got clean from cancer, but my skin took turn for worse!”

Chemo helped Jerrel to heal from cancer, but it also gave him extreme eczema from head to toe.

Waking up at night from your own itching. Constant scratching your body all over. Getting eczema attacks from head to toe. Afraid to go out fearing people will see the dry skin. Being allergic for every kind of perfume from food mixes to detergent.

This was Jerrel’s life two years ago. Since using Abloom he has brought his skin back into a healthy shape and fully recovered.

It allowed him to get his life back. This is his story!

Hear what our customers say

See below the results of some of our biggest fans.

Ydwer Hamstra

My dry skin sometimes shows signs of eczema especially during the change of seasons. Since I discovered Odelia Green and the Abloom products my skin is a lot smoother and feels less dry. Especially the Miracle Oil really works wonders.

Monique van der Linde

I've had a sensitive skin for years and I can't just use every single cream. A lot of facial cremes cause a nasty skin rash for me. Because Odelia Green is 100% natural and organic, I took the risk. I have to say that my skin is responding very well to the Day Cream, Night Cream and the Soothing Lotion. No red spots anymore and my skin feels really hydrated.


''You know my skin can't have this type of products, its a waste of money!'' - I told my husband this.But I am thrilled with the products he got me as a present. My skin is super sensitive and I had to take constant heavy medication (roaccutane) in order to make my face presentable and bearable. Since I've been using Abloom I've noticed that my skin became calmer and it just looks better. Thank you so much to Abloom for these amazing products that make a difference in my daily life.

Fatiha F.

I have a strong skin allergy and I'm allergic to a lot of things. I haven't used cosmetic products in years. My skin just can't handle it and reacts quite extreme to pretty much all products. I tried Abloom after a lot of hesitation and my daughters kept pushing. I tried the Day Cream first in little bits during the weekend in case I would get an allergic reaction. And surprisingly, that went really well. After that I tried the Night Cream. Right now I'm using the entire collection and no allergic reaction at all. I can recommend it to everyone. I'm just thrilled having found a product that doesn't give me an allergic reaction. Finally!

Maartje Bregman

''I love the products. They're quite soft, fresh and firm. The scent is unique and I love it! When putting the cream on my face it feels like a thin, caring, protective and fresh layer. Literally divine ;-).

Dusica Naumovska

'I have always had problems with my skin. Acne and acne scars are always visible on my face. Within a week of trying Abloom I noticed a particular shine on my face and the acne started diminishing. Now, three weeks later, I feel like I have a new skin! The Blossom mask is definitely my favorite.

Ellen Cuijpers

I found the scent of most products quite strong which I didn't personally like. The make-up remover didn't work very well with me. But I did like the Eye Cream. It rubs in very smooth and nice and I get the feeling the skin is really tightened together. I find the Odelia Green concept quite interesting: all natural and eatable so you know you're not putting any chemicals on your face!

Michael E.

Odelia Green is definitely different from the usual facial care products. If you are in for an alternative experience, then the Odelia products might be your choice.   

Verena van den Hoven

Finally products that my sensitive skin can handle! I'm extremely happy with the products of Odelia Green, because my skin responds really well to the products. I stopped having a very dry skin. It looks really clear en hydrated now and soft. I'm a big fan of these natural, organic and vegan products.

Carmen Wirabangsa

Yesss.... ik heb ook mijn eerste set Abloom van Odelia Green besteld. Vergeten een oog make-up remover bij te bestellen en guess what? Zit er een sample bij hihi...... thanks!! Kan ik toch meteen mee beginnen. Goede service. Ben er nu al blij mee.

Linda Graanoogst

Amazing skincare and great results after 3 weeks! People think I'm 12 years younger. My skin looks clean and beautiful; and all products have natural ingredients, not tested on animals - what more do you want? 

Nancy Bleeker

Amazing products! I've been looking for good products for my skin for so long. Currently I use the Miracle Oil twice a day which is my go-to product. My skin looks so much nicer - its just bizarre. I'm in love.

Khalid Boukdid

I've been using Abloom for about 4 years now and I will never use anything else. I have a very very dry skin on my face and scalp. With Abloom my skin is very calm, hydrated and healthy. I use typically the Miracle Oil, the Night/Day Cream and the Hydrating Toner. The Miracle Oil is also used for my scalp. Absolutely brilliant products.

Michael Gulliver

After a week of incorporating Odelia’s facial products into my skincare routine, i have seen massive a difference the texture and tonality of my skin. for the most part i attribute these changes to the 'soothing lotion' as its packed full of natural ingredients. I must also point out that their miracle oil was also a great help.

Vivi Christin

I was curious about the products and started to try different ones. The smell is quite earthy and with a very herby scent - very nice. My skin reacted very positive to the products and it felt less dry and more smooth. The Organic Blossom Mask was a true sensation and my skin felt so calm and super soft afterwards.

Dorith Mous

People always ask me how my skin is so good, even when I have a spot or two, haven’t slept well or have been through a rough patch // Well, I use @iamodeliagreen and this hides a lot of life’s lemons. It’s a ritual, a moment of me-time, massaging all natural products into my skin, which smell incredible. That’s how.

Joia Mendes

I have super sensitive skin that tends to be dry, but at the same time acne prone. A lot of moisturizing products cause huge breakouts. After using the Abloom products, I can tell my skin isn't very dry anymore and I have this natural glow. And most important: NO MORE BREAKOUTS! My favorite products are the night cream + miracle oil. Inflammations will decrease overnight. And I tend to use only a minimal amount or no make-up because my skin even looks better than it used to do before with make-up.

Tristan Guillermo

''I have been using the products myself now since October 25th, 2018. Every day I'm amazed how brilliant this product line is. Depending on how I sleep, my skin condition and my diet I change between the Miracle Oil and the Soothing Lotion due to the antibacterial qualities of the Soothing lotion. In case I need extra nutrition I use the Night Cream as well.

Jerrel Houtsnee

I have been using Odelia Green organic skin care for a few years now. It helped my skin so much to become soft again and not constantly dry. I'm super allergic to perfume, but with this brand I get no allergic reaction, because it really is a natural product. And it smells amazing. I can advice anyone to start using the products. Trust me: once you’ve used it, you won’t go back!

Geordi Atmowerdojo

Since I've used the products of Odelia Green, I feel so much more comfortable. The products smell great and my face just becomes really soft. Since I started using the products in my daily routine, I haven't stopped using them. My skin feels really soft and looks healthy. This allowed me to feel a lot more comfortable around people and dealing with my skin insecurities which has a positive effect on other people. 

Jermani Loupias

I've had really positive experiences with the products. If I eat junkfood or snacks, I immediately see an increase in my acne, but with the Abloom products, the acne goes away a lot faster especially with the Soothing Lotion. My acne has also been decreasing over time and my skin is almost clear. Right now I try to stay away from fatty foods as much as possible! 

Charlotte van Beusekom

Your Miracle Oil is really sublime, keeps my skin soft, little goes a long way and amazing shine (just let the oil sit for a bit on the skin + then the primer instead of applying the foundation immediately). 

Solmaz Shadkam

I've used a lot of skincare products, but there hasn't been one that had a positive effect on my skin so fast. I'm really amazed by it and I need to share it with everyone. Your skin gets a healthy shine and an amazing glow. 

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